Old Fashioned Christmas…

Oct 9, 2007

I love any­thing that has to do with an old fash­ioned Christ­mas and walk­ing into a room with only the glow of Christ­mas tree lights and the sparkle from glass orna­ments makes me so calm and so hap­py. Those of you that know me will agree… for me calm is a good thing. I am usu­al­ly bounc­ing here and there with some kind of project or plan.

This week­end I worked on a lit­tle project using vin­tage Christ­mas sheet music, sil­ver pipe clean­ers AND one of my favorites, Mica Snow. Man this lit­tle project made me want to go up in our attic and drag down the tree. Please note… I did not do this just thought real­ly hard about it but my neigh­bors already think I am a bit strange since it is com­mon for me to still have the tree up until the end of Feb­ru­ary. I just do not like tak­ing it down. So I showed great con­trol and kept on cre­at­ing. But let me tell ya the Mica Snow was fly­ing.

This lit­tle house will be an add on kit for Novem­ber at Cocoa Daisy. If you are inter­est­ed in pur­chas­ing (pre-order­ing) this kit con­tact Tri­cia at Tricia@cocoadaisy.com. Tri­cia will let you know what will be includ­ed in the kit and the cost.

Holiday House Holiday House

Wish­ing you all a great day. Oh and Christ­mas is only 76 days away.

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