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Oct 16, 2007

Here are a few more sneak peeks of projects I am cre­at­ing for class­es. I am very much in the mood to cre­ate Foofy things right now. I just love the feel of tulle mixed with rhine­stones, vin­tage but­tons and old pho­tos and I think my Mom was the cutest lit­tle girl. She was around the age of three in this pho­to.

Mini Album that goes with the Ballerina project

Project using old family photo

I’m just about fin­ished with my third project.… tulle, vin­tage glass glit­ter and lace are just a few of the prod­ucts I used. Gosh do I ever love this project. Hope­ful­ly I will have it com­plet­ed by tonight so I can share it with you tomor­row.

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