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Sep 30, 2007

I’m in HEAVEN!!!

Yesterday was just an ordinary day at my house, that is until I went out to check the mail and found this package crammed into my mailbox. I had no idea what it could be so I quickly hurried myself into the house. Yep, I’m still a little kid when it comes to getting a package. I see it is from Jessica (Maya Road Jessica) and honestly have no idea what this could be. Well I open it up and YIPPIE it is two packages of Halloween PEEPS with a little note that said, “As soon as I saw these I thought of you.”

As some of you might know… I LOVE PEEPS. I had no idea they made Halloween Peeps. Do I really need these… no! Am I thankful Jessica sent them… Yes! Am I going to eat them… you bet and I am going to savor every single bite and every little grain of sugar because I LOVE PEEPS!

Look at those cute little faces… Halloween Peeps

I see a unique mini album is going to be in the works regarding my love of Peeps. Does anyone know if they make Christmas Peeps too?

Lord help my thighs.

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  • Aunt Brenda

    Lisa, my dear sugar lover…. go to marshmallowpeeps.com and your knees will go weak… Peeps for every occassion (well, almost) and so much fun to be had.
    Love you, Aunt Brenda

  • AbbyV

    :mrgreen: Yes, they do!

    And now, thanks to this blog….I’m going to hit up Target tomorrow to see if I can get some of those ghost!

  • Olivia

    Yes they make Christmas and I think Valentine’s also. But those just aren’t as good as the sweet Easter Peeps. Love those!

  • oh WOW… thanks for the link Aunt Brenda. You are the best. I am now the proud member of the Peeps Fan Club. Everyone needs an Aunt like you. Love ya bunches.

  • rspinney

    My dear #1 daughter,
    What about that lecture you gave me on losing weight and you said you are going to also???
    Peeps now has them for most every holiday so you can’t use after the next Peep holiday to start. HIPS remember HIPS.