Talk about a phone call…

Aug 22, 2007

and one I will never forget. Getting the call from Patty Craft saying I was a Memory Makers Master for 2008 is just so overwhelming. I can’t believe my name is among this group of talent. I go from being shocked, to wired to dazed. Here is a little bit about my call.

August 20, 2008 (9:39 a.m.)

I had pretty much given up over the weekend. I thought for sure the calls had already been made and some very happy ladies were bouncing off the walls. Saturday, Alan even brought me flowers as he could tell I was a bit down. So I stayed up really late Sunday night working on a project. This is always great therapy. I was up until 4 in the morning. So Monday morning the phone rings at 9:39! I am still in bed half awake and I see a 513 area code. I think no way…. I was scared to answer the phone. All I heard was… “is Lisa there this is (did not hear a name at all due to shock) my mind went blank. Every word sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher, you know the sound. Then I hear you are one of the MMM winners! I just sat on the edge of my bed with tunnel vision, my dogs jumping all over me wondering what was going on cause all I could say was OMG…. OMG…. OMG… I can hardly remember the phone call. My mind just went blank. I could not believe I was sitting on the edge of my bed talking to Patty Craft… oh I had to ask who I was talking to cause I could not remember her name. Heck I was doing good to remember my own name. It truly is a moment I will never forget. I still cannot believe it when I see my name listed. Monday, I checked the caller ID on my phone so many times to make sure I really did get that call that I lost count. Not being able to shout it out to everyone was so darn hard.

I am so looking forward to getting to know all MMM for 2008. I am sure this will be a year we all will never forget.

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  • A big CONGRATULATIONS to you Lisa on this exciting news! A win well deserved by you as your talent is amazing. Have a wonderful and eventfull 2008 MMM year!

    Kim Langston

  • A big CONGRATULATIONS to you Lisa on this exciting news!
    I am so happy for you!!! You ROCK!!!!
    Our DT memeber Rocks!!
    You are so talented big hugs!!!

  • Most people probably don’t know just how NEW you are to scrapbooking. I can honestly say…I knew you when…LOL You never seemed like a novice. You have scrapbooking and creativity running through your veins. I’m so excited for you! I really look forward to keeping up with you and your great ideas!

  • Congratulations!!! You so deserve this, I love everything you do :)

  • hi! im donna from manila, philippines :D
    i don’t remember how i got into ur website but i immediately subscribed the moment i set eyes on your amazing creativity!

    congrats on the MM masters ’08 achievement!
    you see, a fellow pinay scrapper (IRIS UY) also got in the MM masters 08 and i was wondering to myself when i saw the list… ” LISA PACE.. LISA PACE.. hmm sounds familiar!?” lo and behold! it was you!!! haha what a small scrapbooking-world it really is.. two of the sources of my inspiration are MASTERS!!! wow! again, congrats.. we don’t know each other personally but your “IT’s IN THE DETAILS” newsletters make me feel as if I talk to you everyday :) God bless!

  • dpquiltsca

    Look forward to seeing some of your work you submitted!
    MMM 2008 – GREAT JOB!!!