Waving the white flag…

Jun 15, 2007

This is most like­ly one of the last 8.5 x 11 lay­outs you will see from me. I just can­not cre­ate with this for­mat. I thought I would try a sim­ple clean lay­out and it was just plain tor­ture. It just looks like it is lack­ing some­thing but I’m fin­ished with it and will have to move on. I don’t know how some of my friends like Celeste and Kim­ber­ly do it? I love their styles!

Although, I do love this pho­to of Sophie and Jessie. Sad­ly, they have both since passed from can­cer. Sophie was giv­en to me at age three by a breed­er and Jessie was adopt­ed at age 8 from res­cue.

Sophie and Jessie

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