Waving the white flag…

Jun 15, 2007

This is most likely one of the last 8.5 x 11 layouts you will see from me. I just cannot create with this format. I thought I would try a simple clean layout and it was just plain torture. It just looks like it is lacking something but I’m finished with it and will have to move on. I don’t know how some of my friends like Celeste and Kimberly do it? I love their styles!

Although, I do love this photo of Sophie and Jessie. Sadly, they have both since passed from cancer. Sophie was given to me at age three by a breeder and Jessie was adopted at age 8 from rescue.

Sophie and Jessie

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  • :idea: Lisa, you’ve done a lovely job on this, but I believe my feelings are similar to yours. It’s sheer torture for me to scrap that size. Even if I create a great layout, it’s almost not worth going through it, in the end, LOL. Your finished product doesn’t look like you had pain, tho. I can see the love for your dogs in it. Very sweet.

    one of your lurkers,
    aimeslee xoxo

  • I love this layout! I’m so sad that they are both gone. I know the day will come, but I can’t imagine life without my pups! Too bad you don’t like the 8.5×11 format. I have problems with larger spaces.

  • kimberly reed

    you, my friend, rock MY world. i was stunned to see that the kimberly you were talking about was me! :grin:

    i love your work…. 8 1/2 x 11 OR 12 x 12.