What a moment…

May 9, 2007

I have been a fan of Martha Stew­art for over 20 years and I nev­er thought I would get to talk to Martha much less to Martha Live on her show. What a fun expe­ri­ence and one I will nev­er for­get. Karen and Emi­ly two of Martha’s pro­duc­ers were real­ly nice and talk about mak­ing sure I was pre­pared! They did a great job with me but I dis­cov­ered the antic­i­pa­tion of it all scares me to death. I am a just jump in the fire and fig­ure it out kin­da per­son rather than pre­pare and prac­tice, prac­tice, prac­tice. The first time I had to prac­tice with Karen (which just so hap­pened to be the day before I talked to Martha) I thought I was going to have a ner­vous break­down. You know… when peo­ple say their knees are/were knock­ing they are not kid­ding… believe them as my knees were knock­ing! I got so scared and was almost ill. I could­n’t even think of one thing to say. But, Tues­day morn­ing when Martha’s staff called to do a line check on our phone I was as calm as I could be… hyper but no nerves and my knees were not knock­ing in the slight­est. I could not wait to talk to Martha.

Here is a lit­tle clip of me get­ting to talk to Martha and if you are won­der­ing… yes, I real­ly am that hyper when talk­ing about scrap­book­ing. I think I’m going to start doing webisode tuto­ri­als on my blog. That was real­ly fun.

[flv width=“487” height=“470”]http://www.lisapace.com/files/lisa_on_martha.flv[/flv]

Oh and I received my Michael’s gift card today!!! Can you believe they overnight­ed it to me? I’m sure I don’t need I tell you I have already been to Michael’s. I pur­chased a few items and have quite a bit left on my gift card. I was just so over­whelmed with all her great prod­ucts. I could­n’t decide what I real­ly want­ed. So, I pur­chased some glit­ter (of course), the binder hole edge punch, these gor­geous satin pho­to cor­ners (Ivory, Brown and Black) and some orange scal­loped note cards. I’m going to real­ly think about what I want to cre­ate and then go back for round 2.

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