Tying a Perfect Bow Every time!

Apr 9, 2007

Instruc­tions for Tying the Per­fect Bow Every time
By Lisa M. Pace

1. Cut rib­bon to approx. 12 inches. Larger if you want a big floppy bow.
2. Fold in half to find the cen­ter of your ribbon.


3. Make a loop to the left of cen­ter and then to the right of center.


4. You should try to have about 1 ¼ inches in between the two loops.


5. Now tie the two loops together just as you would when you are tying your shoes.


6. Now straighten your bow as you feel needed.


7. Cut the length of the rib­bon ends to the appro­pri­ate length for your project.

P.S. Don’t pay any atten­tion to my very beat up hands and nails… I have been on a cre­at­ing frenzy as of late. I hope this lit­tle tuto­r­ial helps some of you.

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  • http://www.fleurie78.blogspot.com fleurie

    wow thanks for that Lisa…that is really neat

  • http://doublehdesign.blogspot.com Lau­ren

    THANKS for this awe­some tuto­r­ial… I am def­i­nitely bow chal­lenged, and I think this will really help! :)

  • http://www.snarfle.blogspot.com snarfle­marfle

    Seri­ously?!? I tried this right along with the direc­tions and — VOILA — I had a per­fect bow!! Thank you so much for a great (and easy) tutorial.

  • Karen

    Thank you! How sim­ple and yet has eluded me for so long. Just fol­lowed your exmaple and the first bow turned out great.

  • Rachel

    You saved my wed­ding invitations!

  • khara

    awe­some tuto­r­ial! Best I’ve found!!!

  • Eddy

    Sweet, you saved my life. I have my Save the Date Card and Invi­ta­tion for my wed­ding, I have to make over 200 of them. This can save me hours and awe­somely pretty bow!


  • Anna

    Oh my good­ness who knew it could be this easy?!? i was def­i­nitely bow challenged…to the point where my cards if they had rib­bon were tied in knots. Thank you!

  • Sweet Stuff

    Cool!! Thank you!

  • http://bostongirlontheverge.blogspot.com Jeanne

    So sim­ple, and yet I couldn’t fig­ure it out with­out you to show me! Thanks for the “two loop” trick!

  • phiaa

    Thank you so much .

  • Yh1325

    Thanks for post­ing these sim­ple instruc­tions!! I can now make per­fect bows for baby clothes & accessories.

  • Dix­ipops

    Thankyou so much, the bows in my wed­ding favour pops look fab x

  • http://www.facebook.com/msbossy.braxton MsBossy Brax­ton

    this was bet­ter than the videos ive watch god bless you for this im try­ing to start mak­ing hair­bows to sale to open my own busi­ness and this should be a big help