Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Apr 18, 2007

Ribbon Flower Tutorial
By Lisa M. Pace

1. Cut ribbon approximately 12 inches
2. Starting at one end of your ribbon weave your threaded needle in and out of the ribbon as shown (I thread my needle with the thread still on the spool. This way I don’t have to worry about not having my thread long enough or my ribbon coming off of the thread)


3. Continue weaving your threaded needle all the way to the end of the ribbon

4. Once you are to the end of the ribbon pull the thread through the ribbon to make it gather


5. Cut thread making sure to leave enough thread for you to tie a double knot
6. Gather your ribbon as tight as possible



7. Double knot your thread
8. Glue the cut ends of your ribbon together making sure the glued ends point to the underside of the ribbon flower


9. Once the glue has dried flatten out your flower


10. Adhere your button to the center of the flower (in my example I used two and placed one on top of the other) using a hot glue gun


Have fun! The possibilities for these flowers are endless.

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  • Thanks for the great tutorial! I never knew it was so easy! :grin:

  • OMG…I love it and I am so there to replicate it!

  • kathy

    My daughters have used this simple technic to add a touch of the same ribbon to a ring that has a “button” type top, and slipped it under the decoration on the ring along with adding the ribbon to a button on an outfit, and on their shoes etc. Fray Check from the fabric department is great to keep the edges from fraying if one finds the stitching down of them too teadious.

  • rimaniss


    it’s a nice one. love it. could you tell me more about ribbon flowers? i’m new to this site. i already learn how to make a jasmine and roses, glue them up with a safety pin and voila, a corsase (did i spell it right?)

    anyway, i need to learn more, since i’m making these ribbon flower as a business. my friends just love it.


  • Emily

    And wouldn’t it be cute made with lace…

  • Zinnia

    Simply FanTasTic!!!

  • wow..what a delicate flower!
    it looks awesome..thanks for delivering this to us

  • Sana

    thanx… gud tutorial

  • mara

    esta hermosisimo me encanta bye

  • Awesome embellishment.

  • I just used your tutorial and mentioned it on my blog! Thank you!

  • Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. I needed it today…..

  • dany

    graias felicidades

  • GOOD WORK………..

  • LULU

    real cool!!
    that is sooo simple that I am so excited about making them..

  • am

    i have tried it,it is looking very beautiful.

  • craftgirl1234

    wow! so fun!

  • Javeria Naeem

    very nice

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