It’s the first of the month…

Apr 2, 2007

which means I can show you some lay­outs I cre­at­ed for Scrap­Gal. This months theme is con­fess. Below are a few things I have to con­fess. But first if you can, you real­ly need to read the Scrap­Gal newslet­ter. Dina did a fab­u­lous job putting it togeth­er. You will love all the lay­outs the design­ers cre­at­ed. As well as the but­ton arti­cle Celeste Smith wrote.… lots of ideas for but­tons.

Image removed for pub­li­ca­tion. You will be able to see this in the Spring 2008 issue of Scrap­book­ing & Beyond.

Jour­nal­ing reads:

I wish I could hon­est­ly say this pho­to was tak­en Decem­ber 1st but I must con­fess it was not, it was tak­en March 1st. Yep, that’s right MARCH 1ST! Every year, I tell myself I’m tak­ing our Christ­mas tree down before the mid­dle of Jan­u­ary but when the time arrives… I just can’t make myself do it. I won’t start tak­ing it down until I have no oth­er choice and when the tem­per­a­tures warm up and the scent of spring fills the air, I feel the need. If I could only fig­ure out a way to hide our tree all dec­o­rat­ed and out of the way I would. Oh how won­der­ful it would be to have it hid­den. Then as soon as the hol­i­days begin pull it out, plug it in and let the Christ­mas cheer begin.


Jour­nal­ing reads:

I have clutched you tight­ly in my hands for over 20 years. You have been with me at every job, on every road trip, after the birth of each daugh­ter and every oth­er mon­u­men­tal moment in my life. There is noth­ing more pleas­ing to the ear on a hot sum­mer day than to hear the pop of your top and the fizz of you being poured into a tall ice filled glass. But I must con­fess at times there have been oth­er­s… Sprite Zero, Diet Dr. Pep­per and Pep­si One. But I always come back to you as you are my one true love…. There’s just one Diet Coke and you’re the one for me.

Scrap Scene has some cute East­er Projects list­ed and I’m so hap­py Ang­ie has my Eater Cards list­ed. Ang­ie updates a lot so you may need to scroll down a bit. She also has the Bliss Purse Album by Mou Saha. She is the guest design­er this month for Cocoa Daisy. I tell you Mou is one tal­ent­ed lady. I just love all her work. Speak­ing of love… I love the Scal­loped-Edged Mini Egg book Erin Lin­coln cre­at­ed. It is just too cute.

Also, my East­er Mini Album and Altered Mason Jars are now in pub­li­ca­tion. My mini album is in the April Scrap­book Trends and my Altered Mason Jars are in the April/May Paper Trends. The Blos­soms II Chip­board pieces by Maya Road fit per­fect­ly on the lid. They are real­ly fun to make and take no time at all. Well got­ta go and fin­ish typ­ing up my sup­ply lists and instruc­tions for some lay­outs. Hope you all have a won­der­ful Mon­day.


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