I love Peeps!

Apr 11, 2007

Okay, I stayed up WAY to late last night but I really wanted to finish this challenge on ScrapGal so I could get a good start this morning on the mini album I was asked to create. I will be able to tell you for who and show it to you after the 20th. I plan on using all the great photos I got of the girls Easter Sunday. I am still laughing at those two. They were so funny. We had a lot of laughs.

Okay… here is my finished Peeps layout. I changed the original photo as I felt the first one looked to small and the peeps really not as much of the focal point as they should be since the layout is about peeps. So I retook the photo and replaced the original 4 x 6 image with a 5 x 7 close up image of my Peeps. I think it works much better.


FYI… if you decide to try and warm some in the microwave only heat them for about 10 seconds. Any longer than that they will explode. Also, dipped in some melted chocolate morsels and sprinkles is mouth watering  goodness.

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  • Olivia

    I’m so glad to know another Peep lover! I also enjoy them stale. I’ve never microwaved a Peep, but I defintely need to try that. I really like your layout. Very cute. I’m inspired to create my own and include how proud I am to pass on my Peep-loving to my three year old. When I get it done I’ll email you a pic of the layout. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Do you eat other seasonal peeps or are you just an Easter Peep eater? Me I only eat Easter Peeps the other ones weren’t around when I was smaller, so I think it’s odd to eat them at Halloween,Christmas or Valentines.

  • You are preaching to the choir here sister.

    I love me some Peeps, preferably stale!

  • ohhhhh these PEEPS sound so yummy…are they like marshmallows?

  • Yes Fleur, Peeps are marshmallows covered in fine sugar. YUMMY!

  • oh my gosh, i just want to eat this layout!!
    is that weird??

  • oh yummo……..we dont have them here…