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Apr 17, 2007

I must admit right now every­thing in my lit­tle scrap­ping world is pret­ty darn great.

First I dis­cov­ered a real­ly neat thing while I was work­ing on one of the Maya Road binders last night. I was using crack­ling medi­um and decid­ed that I did not want to use two dif­fer­ent paint col­ors on the spine as I did on the front and back cov­er. I want­ed the spine to be a sol­id col­or but I already had dry crack­ling medi­um cov­er­ing it… so I just paint­ed over it again using the same paint col­or. OMGosh do l love this look. It looks as though you have years of paint on your project. I know this isn’t any­thing mind blow­ing but it real­ly does look so cool and I’m going to do this a lot with my chip­board. That is if I can keep the glit­ter out of my hands.

Onto the next “good thing”… I final­ly got to see the Martha Stew­art seg­ment with her hold­ing up my lay­out plug­ging her con­test. So here is my lit­tle 5 sec­onds of fame.


And now the real­ly BIG NEWS.… Danelle John­son with Art Ware­house asked me to be a part of her design team! I just can­not believe it. I’m so thrilled. I nev­er would have thought in less than one year of decid­ing to be on a few design teams I would be on 3 fab­u­lous design teams. Yes, my scrap­ping world is pret­ty darn good.

This being said I real­ly need to get back to work­ing on my mini album. It must be fin­ished by Fri­day and I am going to miss some good cre­at­ing time for two days.

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