A project sneak peek…

Apr 18, 2007

Here is just a peek of a project I am working on this week. I love making these little ribbon flowers. They are so quick and easy and make a great impact on any layout or project. I will be able to show you the entire project next week. So until then this little image will have to do.


I really need to prioritize my list of projects. I cannot believe how many things I need to get done in the next 10 days. If I think too much about it, I just might panic. So for today it is work on this mini album and go from there.

Hope you all have a great day. It is cloudy and rainy here… perfect weather for scrapping.

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  • Love the lime green under the crackle. Okay I love lime green period. Can’t wait to see the entire project because the sneak peek is such a teaser!

    Because you are someone I truly admire, I would like to ask your advice… With all that you have going for your DTs and other assignments, how do you stay true to yourself? Meaning, how do you design projects that are yours versus just throwing something together to fit the assignment. I am on a DT that I really enjoy and find that I don’t design projects that I am satisfied with… I am afraid it is more like I am just doing the assignment.

  • Olivia

    Can we get some directions for making ribbon flowers?

  • Lisa – this project looks beautiful!! I can’t wait to be able too see the entire proect. Would you be willing to explain how you make your flowers out of ribbon. :?: I woul love to know :lol: :!:
    If you get a minute to e-mail me the directions, or post it on your blog…that would make my entire day. :?: :arrow: I have been wanting to learn how to make the ribbon flowers for a long time now! I know you are incredibly busy and you are trying really hard to get a bunch of projects done. Thanks so much for all of the inspiration I get from your blog. If I a struggeling :roll: with my creativity I go to you gallery or this blog and it really get me going! :idea: Thanks again! :grin:
    sensing smiles your way,
    Jenni Haywood

  • I will post a ribbon flower tutorial later today. They are so fun and super easy to create.