Inspiration every where I look…

Feb 15, 2007

Today it seems as though where ever I looked I saw something that inspired me… color combinations popped out from every angle. I cannot wait to try some I saw today while walking around the Mall. I also, got some great ideas from frames, pillows, shoes and even a pair of earrings that I want to try to incorporate into some layouts. Lots of funky shapes that I think would be so cool sewn together and put in a layout. I even found inspiration in my mail! Got some cute flyers that will make incredible templates! Can’t wait to share these with you. It was a great day to step out of my scraproom and look all around me with my eyes wide open. What inspires you?

I want to thank everyone who has sent me e-mail saying my site inspires you. I hope I can continue and think you will like some of the things I am working on. Can’t show you yet but will be able to soon. I have a really exciting venture planned in a few months that I hope goes over very well. Believe me when I can tell I will and hope you will love the idea.

I have just about used up every single piece of paper and embellishments from my March Cocoa Daisy kit. This kit has really been so fun to play with, if you have not checked out Cocoa Daisy yet you really should. Tricia puts together some incredible kits. They are great for a beginner or advanced scrapper and are loaded with several different paper lines and have the best ribbon and embellishments.

Tomorrow I will pick my RAK winner so leave a reply. I will mail all my RAK’s out tomorrow. Happy creating.

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  • inspirebymandy

    I would have to say that patterns inspire me- whether it is fabric, paper, nature…I see a great pattern and my mind starts whirring…which is also probably why I have millions of pieces of pattern paper and only an inch thick of solids, and I order more every day.

    I am also inspired by seeing others create…especially if I am helping or teaching them. The pride in their eyes when they see they can do it is the most inspiring of all. Thanks for all your inspiration~

  • Olivia

    In the past my scrapbook pages have just evolved. But the evolution process tends to be a longer process with more mess left on the scrap table.

    I am becoming more inspired lately. The blogs I read (including yours) realy make me look at what I see around me. So now I am trying to find patterns that I like from all kinds of different places… signs, magazines, fabric and of course nature. There is lots of different greens in nature and I love green.

    Thanks for the inspiration and the encouraging words you put out. Your projects are always extremely creative and eye pleasing.

  • Your blog is one place I find inspiration. I need to pay more attention to my surrounding and find inspiration. I have never really tried to use ads, prints, cards, whatever for inspiration. Maybe I need to give it a try this weekend. Again thank you for your inspiration!

  • dpquiltsca

    I was able to score some old issues of Real Simple magazine from the local library (they were tossing them) and I went thru the ad pages and tore out ones for inspiration. Even old decorating magazines are GREAT for inspiration.
    Look forward to seeing what you come up with using your mail flyers as inpiration.