Happy Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2007

I hope you are all having a wonderful day with your loved ones. Alan gave me the cutest charm for my Juicy Couture charm bracelet. He started it for me at Christmas and I just love it… big, clunky and full of bling. Those of you that know me, know this is totally me!



All week I have been receiving Valentine’s Day cards from a swap I’m in at ScrapGal. It has been so fun checking the mail each day finding cards instead of bills. Here are just a few I have received to date. If you have not discovered ScrapGal you really should go over and check them out. Everyone is super nice and Carly has and gives the best service!


If you have made it all the way through this post leave a comment and I will enter you in a RAK.

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  • tgrdina

    Your charm is the most awesome bling I have ever laid eyes on! Sometimes my kids have asked me how my husband and I have stayed married…my theory in life is “there is never enough glitter/bling – no matter how much you add” and my husband’s theory in life is “fly under the radar”! It is a funny match, but it works! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Olivia

    Wow love the charm bracelet! I have a silver bracelet that my husband started after we had our first son. Each charm has a date engraved on it. I love that one day I will pass it on to one of my children and that they will treasure it and the dated memories that go along with it. AHHHH so sentimental. I guess that is why I love scrapping so much.

    Have a great Valentine’s Day!

  • angismith

    What a BEAUTIFUL charm! I love the hot pink. Is there somewhere online that we can find other charms similar?

  • dawn

    The charm looks so glam! Love the colour combination…fuschia and gold. There seems to be some sort of scripty writing on the ‘inside’ of the charm? What does it mean?

  • inspirebymandy

    I LOVE Scrapgal! One of my favorite sites to order from- they have the quickest service ever! I love the charm bracelet too- I am a fan of them, however have to wait until my 19 month old gets past the “Ahhh- must have’ thoughts in his head. I have lost many a great bracelet to him. :) Maybe I’ll have him start me the new one, that would make it more special. Have a great Valentine’s day!

  • oh wow..look at all those cute cards…lucky ducky
    Valentines is not OVERLy huge here in Aus…but it looks like so much fun
    Love your heart charm too…very nice

  • Robyn W

    how sweet is the charm, i love it,

    good idea for the card swap too

  • I love this charm bracelet…it is so pretty! (Of course, the photos of it are great too…I am sure mine would be all blurry and off-center!)

  • dpquiltsca

    BEAUTIFUL charm!!!
    And, those cards look fabulous!

  • leonie

    Lucky you, that is a lovely charm, so pretty!

  • kmthornton

    Those are awesome cards! So cool how many completely different styles you have in there. :-)

  • gorgeous charm!!!
    and yes how nice it would be to get all those lovely cards instead of bills!!

  • Ally

    What a beautiful charm bracelet! I love the idea of a event based card swap! How awesome to see everyone’s creativity! TFS!

  • moonglowe21

    Love that charm! Too cute! Great assortment of V-day cards, too! :)

  • Love the bracelt. I truly draw so much inspiration from your blog. TFS! Have a super Valentines day. I always like to drw out this holiday as much as possible. it’s my favorite day!

  • smokeynspike

    The charm is CUTE! Must be nice to get things other than bills and junkmail in the mailbox! LOL