Jan 15, 2007

I am hav­ing so much fun play­ing with all the new items from Maya Road. CHA is just around the cor­ner and I can­not wait to get there to see what every­one has cre­at­ed with all their new prod­ucts. Maya Road has loads of neat new items com­ing out so make sure you check out their booth. I will be work­ing in the booth off and on, so say Hi if I’m there. Here are a few things I have cre­at­ed so far. They are two mini albums and a can­vas. You are so going to love these albums! I am always going to have some of these on hand. They are fab­u­lous!



This lit­tle item I cre­at­ed using prod­ucts for my Jan. Cocoa Daisy Kit. I added some Maya Road prod­ucts to cre­ate a cute lit­tle some­thing. You can see the fin­ished prod­uct some­time tomor­row on Notes from the Jour­ney.


Well back to cre­at­ing. I have anoth­er real­ly cute project to fin­ish for Maya Road. I will post a teas­er when I am fin­ished.

Hope you are all stay­ing warm. It is cold here in Frisco. Lots of ice on the trees. I will be out tak­ing pho­tos tomor­row. The trees look so pret­ty cov­ered in ice. I just hope it does­n’t get too windy tomor­row caus­ing the branch­es to break. They have been warn­ing us of this pos­si­bil­i­ty.
Hugs to all…

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